Despite ‘Nervous’ First Encounter With Tiger Woods, Paige Spiranac Brutally Ignores Her Idol For Former World No. 1 LPGA Star

Being one of the golf world’s most famous personalities, Page Spiranac never leaves the headlines. The former pro golfer knows everything about all that goes on in the golf realm. She also speaks about all she sees on social media with her fans and followers.

In a recent update, the golf star did a Q&A session with her fans on her podcast. She used to do these sessions on her Instagram, but since she started her podcast, all the tea is spilled there. In the last episode of her podcast, the influencer talked about her encounter with Tiger Woods. She brutally spurned him for the former World No. 1 LPGA star. Here’s the full story of what happened.

Paige Spiranac’s take on meeting golf legends

In a recent episode of her podcast “Playing Around With Paige,” the Spiranac was answering some frequently asked questions that she had collected for the episode. While talking about the endeavors and glory of the golf world, a question came up that asked her who was the most famous golfer she had met, and the golf mommy replied, “Tiger Woods.”

While explaining her encounter with the golfing legend, Spiranac said, “I don’t get that nervous when I meet famous people, but I was shaking to meet him because it’s Tiger Woods.”

In the question that followed, she was asked which player, male or female, she admires the most from all her time in the golf world. In a heartbeat, Spiranac said Lydia Ko.


Despite previously answering that she was nervous around Woods as he is golf’s greatest player, Spiranac expressed her admiration for the former World No. 1 LPGA star. In doing so, she was perhaps implying that Ko has somehow surpassed Woods in some way.

“She [Lydia Ko] is nice to everyone around her,” the former pro golfer added. She further shared about an encounter she had with Ko at an event. While she did not expect Ko to even remember her name, she was surprised when Ko went out of her way to be nice to her and everyone around, including the staff. The 30-year-old was astonished that Ko knew everyone’s name and added, “She was nice to every single one and went out of her way to have conversations with every single person there.“

Spiranac’s encounter with Ko was clearly a memorable one. The influencer has also spoken about her encounter with Woods in detail previously. Here’s a glimpse of how Spiranac met Woods for the first time.


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