14 provoking photos of Serena Williams that dazzled everyone — Six talking points

Super impressive Serena Williams was photographed having fun on the beach—Daily Mail released a few photos of her day. She’s cheerfully sporting a pink strapless bra and she can be seen pulling up from time to time, as well as a cheetah bikini bottom that accentuates her beautiful bounteous behind.

Many questioned how long would Williams’ career be placed on hold as a result of her foot injuries but Williams herself cannot be held down. She has tweeted a photo of herself heading back to practicing on the tennis court in a sexy bodysuit.


Now photos of her rocking a Cheetah and pink bikini on the Miami beach appear. She can be seen splashing in water with friends, drinking Gatorade and overall enjoying life.


#7170228 Fitness celebrity Serena Williams relaxes on the beach in Miami, Florida on April 16, 2011 with friends.
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ENJOYING a much needed break from training Serena Williams looked relaxed as she enjoyed some downtime with her family. The tennis champ is currently on holiday in the Bahamas and has been spending time soaking up some sunshine on the white, sandy beaches.

The athlete showed off her enviable figure in a peach bikini top which she teamed with bright bottom tie briefs. Serena accessorised her two piece with a black, pink and green scarf which she tied around her neck.

Wearing her hair loose with no make-up, Serena’s relaxed look is a world away from the usually super glamourous star. Despite being on holiday, Serena couldn’t get out of her competitive spirit and pretended to box with a friend on the sand.

Landing a deft, left hook on her opponent, it seems Serena is a champ at boxing as well as tennis. Once the match was over, Serena took a well-earned break before making up with her friend.

Jumping into his arms, she couldn’t keep the grin from her face as her friend spun her around. Later in the day, Serena went into the warm waters of the Caribbean sea to enjoy some water sports.

It seemed her life jacket soon became an irritant however as she later jumped into the water without it.

A friend was more than willing to give her a helping hand onto the boat too – using their hand to give her a shove back on board. Serena’s recently been spending some of her time away from tennis with an unidentified man.


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