After Her Idol Tiger Woods Bore the Burden of Fame, Paige Spiranac Makes a Troubling ‘Safety’ Confession

Tiger Woods has indeed amassed immense popularity in the game of golf. However, fame does come with a price. And the GOAT himself has had moments where his stardom has led him to lead a troubled life.

And now, following in his footsteps is none other than Paige Spiranac, his number one fan. The golfing influencer rose to fame owing to her golf content coupled with her bold modeling career. However, her popularity also came with a price, as she confessed to having suffered the bad side of becoming famous too—the “hardest part” of stardom, she dubs!

The blonde beauty saw her popularity take a rise in the past couple of years as her career as an influencer in the game of golf gave her the tag of the most influential golfer. However, her glamorous side also saw success as she was titled the Sexiest Woman of 2022 by Maxim. However, everything wasn’t sunshine for the 30-year-old during the growth.

In her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, the ex-pro golfer mentioned how “things started to shift slightly” by 2022 after she received the title. People started to ask for pictures even when she came in sweats and no makeup. The influencer conveyed her happiness with the recognition she received as the glam queen said, “It happens quite a bit, which is exciting, because that’s a sign of growth in my career,” all the while indicating how she does not want to get rid of the same.

However, although very little, the ravishing American has had to deal with “bad encounters”. Such situations led the diva to “amp up security” in a bid to take care of the safety issues. Continuing on the same, the golfing queen expressed how being surrounded by guards while trying to deal with unfavorable instances is “probably the hardest part about” gaining fame.

Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see a social media star encountering such a price for her fame. Similar circumstances occurred with her idol, Woods, who suffered consequences from the media for his one error!

Tiger Woods and his bitter experience with the media

The legend did not go untouched, owing to the side effects of his immense popularity. Despite his rise as a champion, the media was quick to highlight the professional’s mistake, following which they “crucified” him. In 2015, Woods recounted how they were not pleased with the Hall of Famer for missing an interview after a round.

Recounting the same, the 15X major champ mentioned how he had missed it just once for the first time in the past decade, which saw him always engage with the media post-round. However, a bad day at an event led him to forget about the same, which led to the backlash.


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