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Alexandra Daddario Mesmerizes Fans With Cereal Pajamas Video




Alexandra Daddario literally only needed to pour two separate boxes of breakfast cereal and milk into a bowl to mesmerize fans ahead of the weekend. The 35-year-old “True Detective” actress, targeting her lesser-followed TikTok compared to her Instagram, uploaded a casual morning video showing her pajama-clad and doing what millions of Americans do every morning – sleepily wandering into the kitchen, grabbing the cereal, and kicking off the morning’s calories. Alexandra’s 1.6 million TikTok followers can’t get over her version. Check it out below.



Scroll for the video. It showed Alexandra listening to Taylor Swift’s “exile” track from 2020-released “folklore” album. The “Baywatch” actress, seemingly out to wow nobody, was filmed in an ordinary galley kitchen with tiled floors and barefoot. The actress poured from two cereal boxes and into a bowl, then adding some milk.



Daddario, wearing ivory-colored pajama sweatpants and a loose white shirt, then walked away from the camera she hadn’t even looked at, with her little dog eagerly running after her. The kitchen door was closed, and the video ended there.



Keep scrolling for the video. It looked like this one was going straight for the Swifties. “So you’re leaving at the side door,” one fan wrote, directly quoting the 30-year-old singer’s lyrics. “My shock before you mixed the cereals,” another fan said, adding: “I’ve never seen that done before.”



“Gorgeous whatever she does, but wow,” a third added, seemingly taken aback. Alexandra is fresh from wowing far more followers – 17.5 million of them – on her Instagram, where a massive yoga stretch in tiny shorts pajamas marked her “quarantine and jet lag.”



Click here for the TikTok – scroll for more. Alexandra, whose quarantine has seen her gearing up for new “Lost Girls & Love Hotels” movie, has also been popping up in promos taking her career into a totally different area. Joining “Game of Thrones” actress Emilia Clarke, Alexandra now fronts skincare and cosmetics giant Clinique.



Washing her face and showing off her jaw-dropping peepers after applying makeup in October, Alexandra took to Instagram for a video as she partnered up with Clinique for Breast Cancer Awareness month. More after the video.



“I’m once again thrilled to partner with @Clinique for their #takethedayoffchallenge This month, for every post taking off your makeup using #takethedayoffchallenge, Clinique will donate $10 to the Breast Cancer Research foundation up to $250k!” the caption read.



Alexandra’s fans, here totally mesmerized by her looks, quickly filled the comment section. “She doesn’t need make up cuz she fine ??,” one fan wrote, with the top-liked comment reading: “Those eyes don’t need any help.” Since the completion of “Lost Girls & Love Hotels,” Alexandra has been shooting quarantine-set futuristic thriller “Songbird,” calling shooting it “surreal” amid COVID times.

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