American p**n star jailed for assaulting boyfriend

39-year-old American porn star Jesse Jane has been arrested for punching her boyfriend in the face and biting his hand.
This news is coming just after Johnny Depp, the lead actor in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” exposed his ex-wife Amber Heard of being both physically and emotionally abusive to him despite the world thinking he was actually the abusive one in their short lived marriage.

Jesse Jane was arrested in Oklahoma for domestic violence as policemen who were called in after an incident with her boyfriend was reported found the said boyfriend with a bleeding left eye and a bite on his left hand.

Jane denied being violent on her boyfriend and instead accused him of picking her up by the neck and slamming her body against the wall. However, policemen did not find any trace of physical injury on her.

This is similar to what Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard had done. She had filed for divorce, accusing Depp of being abusive to her until Depp released evidence to the contrary.

Johnny Depp actually lost his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean due to the controversies surrounding his past marriage. He is now filling a $50 Million defamation lawsuit against Heard.

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