Angela White shares the longest amount of time she’s had sex

Angela White has revealed the longest sex session she has ever had.

The pornstar is a huge name in the adult industry, and has recently opened up about her past exploits.

Speaking recently on the Only Stans podcast, the 34-year-old explained that she once had a marathon sex session which lasted an incredible six hours. Think of the chafing. Jesus.


White explained: “The longest I’ve had sex for is six hours… it wasn’t, like, just penetrative sex for six hours, we were fooling around for six hours and having sex.”

The adult film star added: “[We were] making out, some oral, some cuddles, some cuddle-f**king, some railing, like it goes in and out! It wasn’t just bam bam bam for six hours.”

Who says romance is dead, ey?

White then revealed that this six-hour session wasn’t even filmed and was just for pure enjoyment – along with the occasional bathroom break here and there – explaining how the partner in question ‘really matched my sexual energy’.



Well, this isn’t the only saucy detail she’s divulged during her hour-long chat.

White also revealed that she once had sex with a pair of identical twin brothers.

Now, before you lose your mind, they did not all bonk at once – not only is that gross, it’s also illegal.

White explained that she only realised they were brothers when she was camming with one of them and the other came into the room.

She said: “He was one of the identical twins that I f**ked – then I ended up f**king [his brother]. No – on purpose! We had a situationship, it wasn’t just sex.


“He was a fan. OK, there was a timespan. We were really into each other and we were ongoing for a while, right?”

“Then, eventually that all broke down and then – here’s the funny part of the story – I was camming with his identical brother at the same time.”

Adding: “They knew because at one point twin one was like ‘I have a surprise for me’ and he brought twin two in and said, ‘Come in here’.


“I was like [shocked] so I had been camming with both at the same time. Once I started f**king twin one I was no longer camming with twin two.

“I had chemistry with twin two as well, they were like physically identical – even the c*** – same size, great size too. They did not have identical personalities.”

“Twin one and I stopped seeing each other and then twin two and I started f**king. It wasn’t some malicious thing, I genuinely had a connection with twin two. They were both really great guys in their own different ways.”

White is one of Australia’s best-known adult film stars, with 932 million views on PornHub and having won 97 awards for her performances, as well as three AVN Female Performer of the Years.


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