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Anna Kendrick And Kelly Clarkson Share This Unique Health Obsession-check.




Anna Kendrick visited The Kelly Clarkson Show and found out that she shares the same unique health obsession with the host. The Love Life actress, who recently wrapped the second season of the hit HBO romantic anthology, was eager to tell the good health habit she does only to find out that Kelly Clarkson does the same thing.



The two ladies had a blast talking about their health obsession and current music loves. On the show, Anna shared that she was very much into ginger shots, to which Clarkson revealed that they actually share the same unique health obsession.



The American Idol alum proceeded to serve ginger shots and challenged Anna to down the drink with her. The singers tried not to pull a face over the ginger drink and Anna was able to successfully act cool and casual despite the intense taste. An impressed Kelly explained that vocalists typically love doing ginger shots to soothe their throats.



Every Vocalist’s Secret Weapon
“I feel like whenever I’m working, like I have to take good care of myself (I try), and so shots of juiced ginger are the thing that get me through everything,” Anna explained.



“I love ginger. I do. I think every vocalist.. You’re a singer too, so like, I feel like they always shove that stuff at you anytime you’re not well,” Kelly said after taking the drink. The two did a pretty good job holding down their shots but still couldn’t help tear up a bit. Watch the two try to keep a straight face below:



Anna Loves Olivia Rodrigo
The singers also talked about their current music faves, agreeing that Olivia Rodrigo is an extremely talented artist. “I feel a little old to be as in to Ms. Olivia Rodrigo as I am. How dare she be so young and talented,” Anna joked.



“How dare she be so young and peer into the soul of like a woman in her 30s, and the stuff she says, like ‘I guess that therapist I found for you, she really helped’, I was like damn, Why? Have you been reading my diary?” she continued.



Anna Kendrick’s Secret Boyfriend
While Anna can rock out to Olivia’s break-up songs, she is actually in a happy long-term relationship with British cinematographer Ben Richardson.



Reportedly, the two met while working together in Drinking Buddies and started dating in 2014, after Anna’s four-year relationship with director Edgar Wright ended.



The couple keeps their relationship under the radar and has never made a red carpet appearance together but have been steadily dating for around seven years and is also rumored to be engaged.

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