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Anna Kendrick Says She ‘wants To Murder Her Cast Members And Was Forced To Open Up Why She Wants To Kill Them__Shocking!!



Anna Kendrick opened up about her experiences shooting for the first film of the Twilight series. The actor compared filming the first Twilight to surviving a ‘hostage situation’ She further revealed how she had wanted to murder her cast members as she was always so cold and miserable.



Anna Kendrick was miserable on Twilight sets

In a recent interview with a leading media portal, Anna Kendrick recalled that she had a terrible time shooting the Twilight series in Portland, Oregon.

The actor told the portal that she just remembers being very cold and how her shoes were soaked through. She further added that she used to feel like she is among a great group of people but still she could not be friends with them.

Anna explained to the media portal that she used to look at her cast members and feel that maybe at a different time they would have been great friends. But in those days, shooting for the first Twilight film, she wanted to murder everyone.

The actor further told the portal that she did bond with other cast members but there was something about it. Anna further added to her comments and said that there was something about the kind of bonding and it felt like a traumatic event. She further compared the situation of surviving a hostage situation.

Talking more on the matter, Anna Kendrick said that to her it felt like people were surviving a hostage situation where they are kind of bonded for life. The actor played the character of a high school student Jessica Stanley.

Her character was an important part of the supporting cast in the movie. After her departure from the Twilight series, she went on to do movies like Up In The Air, Pitch Perfect, ParaNorman, and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. She has lent her voice for projects like Trolls, and Family Guy among others.

Anna Kendrick has a few projects lined up her way. Those projects include Stowaway, which is a sci-fi thriller film. The film is directed by Joe Penna and is written by Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison. The film stars Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson.

According to a media portal, the plot of Stowaway revolves around discoveries made in the outer space. A crew of a spaceship, headed to Mars discovers an accidental stowaway shortly after takeoff. They are too far away from Earth to turn back and few resources left for themselves.

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