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Anna Kendrick’s love letter has been celebrated all over the’s the crazy wants out, after all.



When we follow along with our favorite celebrities, and in life in general, we as humans are constantly seeking the ability to connect. Though we may fight, at our core we seek understanding.


When you find someone that you can relate with, it gives you that sort of warm, fuzzy feeling deep down in you belly. It’s unconventional, but I’m starting this review with the very last paragraph of Kendrick’s book. The crazy wants out, after all.

The title Scrappy Little Nobody fits well with the overall theme of Kendrick’s book. She drives home the fact that she’s not really a ‘nice’ person in the sense that many folks expect women to be, as well as the fact that no matter what choices you make in life, someone is going to judge you for them.

So, do what you think’s best in the beginning, and stop caring about the people who spend their lives judging.
Through a series of ridiculous, very real life experiences, Kendrick goes through the stages of her life so far with staggering honesty.

As a fan of hers who knew literally nothing about her personal life prior to reading this book, it was inspiring to read about some of the events that got her to where she is today.

Throughout the book, she touches on many things that all women have to go through at one time or another in their lives. One that stood out to me more than the others were her chapter(s) on sex. It’s a difficult thing to navigate as a woman. Sex education still isn’t up to snuff in many areas of the country.

Kendrick brings up an important narrative in this area — Girls, you don’t owe any man any part of your body ever.
She’s the first to admit that she is still the strange little weirdo from Maine who wants to push off adulthood for just a little bit longer, but the real substance of the book comes from the process of slowly yet surely building herself up to where she is now.

It’s not the kind of condescending ‘we all put our pants on one leg at a time’ platitudes that you’ll hear from people who try to play humble.

It’s more eating mac and cheese at three in the morning in the same sweatpants you’ve been wearing for three days in a row because you’re always busy and changing your clothes takes three extra minutes that you just. don’t. have.

I had a lot of thoughts on this book. Scrappy Little Nobody provides a sense of community. It was a gift from start to finish, and I can’t recommend grabbing a copy enough. In the meantime, let the crazy out, and always remember to get out on the wrong side of the car.

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