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Archie and Lilibet blow as George, Charlotte and Louis outrank Sussex children in new poll




PRINCE GEORGE, Princess Charlotte, and youngest Cambridge sibling Prince Louis have outranked Meghan and Harry’s children in a new poll. Prince William and Kate’s children outranked their cousins Lilibet and Archie in a list of the top ten most popular baby names worldwide, inspired by the Royal Family. Research carried out by online gaming review expert LuckyCreek looked at data from ONS and Nameberry, a baby name website, to compile the list.



William and Kate’s daughter Charlotte, aged six, ranked as the second most popular girls name of the Royal Family.
According to ONS data, Charlotte has been a consistently popular name in the UK, but since the princess was born in 2015, the rank rose from 25 to 12.



While her older brother George claims fifth place for most popular baby name worldwide, but second in the UK. The future king was born in 2013, and, since then, his name has grown in popularity every year. Brother Louis, who turned three in April, claimed position number four.



Their father William, 39, claimed the fifth spot on the worldwide listing. The top spots for the most popular royal-related baby names in the UK were clinched by Isla and James. According to ONS data, Isla, after Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchild and daughter of Peter Phillips, was the most popular girls name inspired by the royals.



In the UK alone, Isla ranks as the third most popular baby name. While ‘James’, like Prince Edward’s son, Viscount Severn, was the most popular boys name. ‘James’ ranked highest on both ONS data for the number of children worldwide with the name and on the number of searches it receives on Nameberry.



The oldest child of Meghan Markle, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, also appeared on the lineup. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit royal duties last year and are now living in California with their two children, Archie and Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana.



Archie, two, ranked number six on the list of names, while his sister Lilibet, who was born in June, didn’t feature. However, Elizabeth, which Lilibet is famously a nickname for, claimed the seventh spot.



The least influential royal name is Meghan, after Meghan Markle – just behind Anne, according to the research.Whereas Harry appeared in the eighth spot, ahead of Peter and Edward.



A spokesperson for LuckyCreek said of the findings:  “The interest in the Royal family is not just a phenomenon for the UK, but worldwide. “It is amazing to see the influence the members of this famous family have on the public and the spike in baby names.



“It will be interesting to watch the influence of these baby names and see where the newest addition – Lilibet – ranks in the future.” Sussex fans are still awaiting the first picture of the youngster to be released more than six months after her arrival.

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