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As real as she can get! 8 Times Salma Hayek Served Up Beauty Positivity In Her Unfiltered Pictures




Giving us a whole new level of appreciation for natural brows, the Mexican brunette stunned us in a blue bikini, an image that seems like she’s just stepped out from a refreshing plunge in the ocean, looking gorgeous as ever. I mean, who needs a full-face glam when the sun lends you its glow?



Giving sexy a whole new meaning in a wet suit. How exactly does one do that, especially when you’re in the middle of the ocean with the wind hitting your face? Because trust me, I’d look like an out of breath seal.


salma hayek swimsuit

Has red ever looked this good? We’re in desperate need of answers, and we need them now. Kindly grant them in the form of a “Salma Hayeks daily skincare routine” please…..Tell me a better duo than Hayek’s natural waves and glowing bare skin? I will wait.



Salma Hayek ‘just walked out of the shower’ face has me reconsidering all my skincare products because they are clearly not working.The sight of a grey strand on your head may elicit feelings of terror and agony. Don’t worry, Salma is here to save the day. Watch this model embrace her grey strands in a picture captioned “The White Hair of Wisdom,” and we couldn’t agree more. You go, girl!


Salma Hayek poses topless for magazin

The model, who is clearly a beach baby, knows how to serve up some tropical looks. Coupled with her bouncy natural curls and stunning skin (& fresh face, ofc), it is all the beachy inspo you need!If you haven’t noticed already, Salma Hayek knows how to nail the perfect selfie. Of course, she’s unfiltered but she’s okay if a line on the face shows up. She makes us think Instagram filters are not all they are made out to be.

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