‘As Soon As Possible’: Swiatek Targets Career Grand Slam After Latest Disappointment

Iga Swiatek was answering fan questions ahead of the 2023 Japan Open in Tokyo, and she reflected on her crazy journey in recent years.

Swiatek always believed in herself, but even she didn’t expect such a meteoric rise in the past 2-3 years. She’s a four-time Grand Slam champion at a relatively young age and is hoping to add a couple more in the future. It’s been a dream but also pretty crazy.

While in Tokyo, Swiatek reflected on her journey from suddenly winning Roland Garros as a teenager to becoming world number one a year later to now being considered one of the best players in the world, even if not the number one anymore.

What I did since 2020 is crazy, it’s sometimes hard for me to even understand how it happened. Because when I was younger. I didn’t know it was going to be possible. So, I’m taking it easy.

Despite not winning as much as the previous year, Swiatek is still motivated and wants to win as much as possible. One of the questions asked was about her winning the career Grand Slam and when she’ll get it done.

I don’t think I can answer you specifically. Um, as soon as possible? Well for sure, I think I need a couple of more years to play on grass… so, I’m not rushing you know. I’m 22, so I still have a lot of time probably, more than like 10 years. So I’m doing my best to win every tournament I play at. But yeah, I’m not rushing it because I’ve already won 4 Slams.
Her grass tennis does need some work but she did fairly well this year so it’s not unlikely to see her doing really well in a couple of years. The key part is that she’s willing to work for it and that’s half the battle.


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