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Attending A Cocktail Party? Bookmark Scarlett Johansson’s Body-Hugging Crop Top To Look Like a Bombshell




We’re gushing over Scarlett Johansson’s fashion tale. She may be raving about Marriage Narrative, but we’re fawning over her fashion story.



The 35-year-old actress has been in the spotlight since she was a youngster, and it’s safe to say that her style has evolved significantly over time. But if there’s one thing the Lucy actress hasn’t stopped doing, it’s slaying the red carpet in bright and daring looks.



ScarJo isn’t afraid to take a risk with her style on the red carpet. And it’s simple to understand why she avoids the basics: her daring style typically pays off. Even when the Marriage Story actress opts for a more traditional look, she generally adds a playful and seductive twist.



Scarlett Johansson can pull off whatever design look she wants, whether it’s street style, full-glam, or an Avenger’s bodysuit (same with her hair color — who could pull off blonde, redhead, and brunette hair?).



There are a few Scarlett outfits that we can’t get enough of when it comes to fashion. Scarlett Johansson’s gorgeous entrance at the JoJo Rabbit screening had us talking nonstop.



The show-stopping element of the dress was either the belly revealed (which showed off Scarlett’s excellent definition) or the naked back, which was beaded and sewn (with silver and pink stones). The major element of this outfit is the baby-pink bikini top, which delicately hugs the shoulder.



Scarlett Johansson wore another crop top while attending the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Press Conference in Los Angeles. Scarlett Johansson wore a classic crop top with a figure-hugging fit that caressed her body in all the right places. Full sleeves, a crew collar, and a ribbed hem adorned the figure-hugging white crop top. She wore it with high-rise pastel pink pleated pants.

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