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Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘Afraid’ of Kate Middleton… Check



Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘Afraid’ of Kate Middleton... Check


Many experts are analyzing the body language of the royal family in the wake of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. One expert believes Meghan Markle is “afraid” of Kate Middleton. Here’s what he said her body language revealed.Meghan seems ‘afraid’ of the Princess of Wales according to one expert. Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas, known as The Body Language Guy, analyzed how Kate Middleton and Prince William interacted with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. According to him, Meghan seems “afraid” of Kate. Rosas says there’s a point when the group starts walking and Meghan looks over at Kate.


Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘Afraid’ of Kate Middleton... Check

He says she seems very tense, especially around her neck. Rosas says the tension is so evident that it seems like Meghan will “explode” from being so tense. This could be interpreted as anxiety, fear, or a mixture of both emotions.Another moment when Meghan seemed tense was toward the end of the walkabout with Kate and William. Rosas says there was a lot of tension in Meghan’s right hand and arm. “Even the muscles of her forearm are jumping,” he adds.



Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘Afraid’ of Kate Middleton... Check

‘Feet don’t lie’ says body language expert. Feet also play a role in body language. Rosas says the position of each person’s feet tells a different story. For example, he felt Kate’s feet were firmly planted and confident. On the other hand, Rosas says Prince Harry’s feet were positioned in a way that seemed to signal a desire to leave. His feet were pointed away, as if he were about to make an exit.“The feet never lie,” says Rosas. “Even if they have to stand in royal protocol fashion.” He thought Meghan and Harry probably “wanted to leave as soon as possible.”


Body Language Expert Thinks Meghan Markle Is ‘Afraid’ of Kate Middleton... Check

Meghan and Harry try to ‘comfort’ each other
One thing Rosas notices is that Harry and Meghan touch each other often. He says it seems like they are trying to comfort each other. They offer comforting touches and light pats on the back throughout their walkabout with Kate and William. Rosas didn’t think they felt comfortable at that time, so they tried to stay close to one another.“A gesture made once might not mean much, but when you have that repetition, like what we see with [Meghan and Harry] touching each other, you see that they’re pacifying themselves. They’re not comfortable.”



During an interview, Prince Harry once said he held Meghan’s hand tightly on the night that she expressed suicidal thoughts to him while she was pregnant. He said there were pictures and videos of them gripping each other tightly at a charity event they had to attend after they had that conversation.According to Harry, he was trying to be supportive after what Meghan revealed. This practice of comforting each other with touch is something they seem to do often.



Our take
Rosas says Kate and William seem to be the couple that is “thriving” based on their facial expressions and body language. He believes Harry and Meghan are just “surviving” according to their facial expressions and body language.It seems like Meghan and Harry are also thriving in their own way. They’re living their own lives and starting fresh in the United States, so in that sense, they are also winning at life. They likely appear uncomfortable at times because of the scrutiny they regularly face.

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