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BOLD AND STRONG ! Kaley Cuoco covers shape in her underwear…




“Don’t put this on Instagram” – the instructions were clear from Kaley Cuoco last night, but they weren’t followed by the 35-year-old’s husband Karl Cook.



Kaley appeared on her 2018-married husband’s stories on Thursday, with the footage kicking off as the “Big Bang Theory” alum and her hubby discussed her new HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant.”


Kaley, drinking red wine and admitting she’d had too much, told Karl to keep this off the ‘Gram, but he kept going. And it entered bed territory.



Kaley was seen seated on her couch and with Karl, even making fun of him as he didn’t appear to know what “BTS” means – “Behind the scenes!” Kaley exclaimed, saying she couldn’t believe Karl didn’t know what it means.


“Drink your wine,” Karl said, before Kaley, seen in a shirt and bun hair, told him not to put this on Instagram. Footage then shifted to later in the evening, where Kaley appeared to have had a massive tortilla chips craving.



The video, showing Kaley amid bedsheets and bundled up, eventually revealed a green nightie, with the blonde seen in full late-night binge mode as she dug into Tostitos.


kaley in her car
“I have the best wife ever I love you so much @kaleycuoco,” Karl had written as the sound of munching led to Kaley being filmed. “Are you wrapped in a blanket in bed eating Tostitos?” the equestrian asked, with Kaley looking guilty as charged. “Yuh,” Kaley replied, then getting asked if she was “okay.”



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