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Carrie Underwood’s latest gym photo sparks mixed reaction from fans-check.




The country star works hard to stay in shape, Whether it’s on the red carpet or in the gym, Carrie Underwood manages to make herself look effortlessly chic, but her latest workout photo divided her fans. The star took to Instagram in a simple, white, lycra top and navy leggings in a photo from inside a gym. She struck a casual pose with one leg up on a workout ball as she looked off into the distance.



Carrie was carrying a bottle of Bodyarmor sports drink and captioned the image: “How good is this new @drinkbodyarmor LYTE Kiwi Strawberry flavor? Definitely one of my new favorites.”



Fans rushed to weigh in and said she looked incredible and added on-fire emojis as well as branding her “buff”. But others didn’t agree with her flavor of choice and said they preferred peach mango, or strawberry grape.



Others also commented on Carrie’s athletic appearance and praised her for being in inspiration, while some said they preferred her looking a little less posed and commented: “You go girl!! Do have it say I love your all natural look better…. To me this is to made up,” and another added: “I didn’t recognize her.”



Carrie isn’t just a world-famous country music star, she’s also an advocate for keeping fit. The mom-of-two has her own fitness app, Fit52, which was founded in 2020.



It’s designed to encourage and support people on their wellness journey, offering a wide range of workout routines that can be done in as little as 30 minutes.



Carrie often talks about her health and fitness journey and previously gave an insight into her daily diet in an interview with Women’s Health.



A typical breakfast for her is a tofu or egg-white scramble, Ezekiel toast, berries and coffee. Lunch is usually a sandwich with Tofurky, tomato, avocado, red onion, spinach and mustard.



Dinner tends to be roasted vegetables and a piece of vegan chicken or a tofu stir-fry, while snacks consist of green smoothies or protein bars.

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