Childhood Hero Michael Schumacher and NBA Legend Michael Jordan Snubbed in Favor of ‘King of Pop’ by Sebastian Vettel..


Sebastian Vettel, one of F1’s greatest-ever drivers, always looked up to Michael Schumacher as an inspiration. However, when asked to choose between Schumacher and NBA legend Michael Jordan, interestingly, Vettel decided to snub both. Instead, as shown in a video posted by ESPN on X, the four-time world champion named the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson as his preference.


Vettel shares a very close relationship not just with Schumacher, but his family as a whole. After Michael Schumacher suffered his tragic accident back in 2013, he took his son Mick under his wing, guiding him as a mentor. Their friendship was something F1 fans always adored, which is why their presence is missed in the sport.


On the other hand, Jordan is one of the most recognizable and inspirational athletes in the world. Hence, when ESPN asked Vettel to choose between Jordan and Schumacher, people expected it to be a tough choice. Regardless, most people were sure that he would go with Schumacher since the seven-time F1 champion was a childhood hero of his. Instead, Vettel went with a third option, that wasn’t even in the prompt.


Sebastian Vettel chooses a third Michael instead of Schumacher and Jordan

Vettel was part of a video posted by ESPN F1 on X, which was titled as ‘You Have To Answer’. There, the ex-Red Bull driver had to choose between two options presented in front of him, spread across several topics.

At one point, the host of the segment asked Vettel to choose between Michael Schumacher and Michael Jordan. Vettel simply smiled and named Michael Jackson, who is one of the best singers of all time. He did pause for a few seconds before coming up with it.

However, it can be assumed that Vettel’s choice was more playful than was serious. He considers Schumacher as a childhood hero, and the latter was his mentor, helping him find his feet in the world of F1. Therefore, it is most likely that Schumacher is the Michael of his choice, ahead of Jordan and Jackson.

Vettel settles Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

One of the biggest debates in recent years has been about who the better driver is, between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Hamilton is statistically, the greatest F1 driver of all time, but over the course of the last three seasons, it has all been Verstappen.

Vettel seems to agree with the general consensus, where he feels that in terms of records, Hamilton is – of course – untouchable. However, Verstappen at the age of 25 has already achieved a lot.

With the way things are going, Verstappen is likely to achieve a lot more. This could get him statistically clear of Hamilton in the years to come.


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