F1 champion reveals Hamilton would have STAYED at Mercedes if key condition met

Hamilton has decided to pursue an unprecedented eighth world title elsewhere, signing with Ferrari from the 2025 season.

With his new big-money contract being a multi-year deal, it means that Hamilton will likely have at least another three seasons to try and build on his F1 legacy, taking him well into his 40s.

Despite having claimed the most podiums, race victories and pole positions in F1 history, Hamilton has not managed to win a single race since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, enduring two seasons with an underperforming Mercedes team.

Team principal Toto Wolff has promised dramatic changes to the new W15 car ahead of the upcoming season, but this clearly wasn’t enough to convince Hamilton to stay, despite having signed a new contract just five months ago.

Hamilton’s Ferrari hope
Now, Hill has revealed why the 39-year-old Brit may have decided to take such a big gamble, with new regulations in 2026 making it crucial for drivers to back the right horse heading into the future.

“I think if Lewis genuinely thought that the eighth title was guaranteed or a good 50/50 chance of happening if he stayed at Mercedes, he would have stayed,” Hill told Sky Sports F1.

“So I think that he’s got to the point where he’s probably heard the music coming out of Mercedes maybe a few too many seasons and started to think ‘well, I need to invigorate my final years in Formula 1, what better way to do it than to drive with Ferrari.

“At least I’ve got a chance, if it goes wrong, at least I tried.”


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