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Fans Are Split and Confused About Salma Hayek…



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With Salma Hayek’s Instagram, we’ve grown used to the jaw-dropping bikini photos and red carpet snapshots. But this week, Hayek posted a photo related to the Royal Family that has fans scratching their heads. Specifically, Hayek posted a photo of herself near a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a caption wishing the Queen a speedy recovery.



On Feb. 21, Hayek posted a photo with the caption, “Long live the Queen. Wishing #queenelizabeth a swift recovery from Covid.” She also added the same caption in Spanish, “Larga vida a la reina. Deseando a la Reina Isabel una pronta recuperación de covid” and even tagged @theroyalfamily.


salma hayek

In the photo, we see Hayek in a sleek suit, standing in front of a fireplace and underneath a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.Now, Hayek’s Instagram comments underneath this “Get Well Soon” post are as split as it gets. Many of her fans are confused or angry that Hayek posted this photo, while others are praising her, calling both of them “Queens.”



The top comment under the post is from an Instagram user named @bucuaron who simply asked, “Girl what” and another user with the tag @tediidet said, “Weird flex, but ok.”But along with the criticism and confusion, many fans are praising this post. One user named @noorboufrach said “Two queens in one picture.”


This post came after the shocking news that the Queen had recently been diagnosed again with COVID-19, postponing many appearances after the news broke.

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