Fans disapprove Serena Williams’ alleged attack to Simona Halep

Fans and professionals are debating the four-year disqualification for doping imposed on Simona Halep. The sentence arrived yesterday, but the facts date back to the past season, when the Romanian tested positive, during a post-US Open check, for one of the substances prohibited by the WTA regulations: Roxadustat.The independent tribunal established by Sport Resolutions, despite having supported Halep’s thesis that it was a contaminated supplement, established that the quantity of substance ingested could not have determined the concentration of Roxadustat found in the positive sample.Serena Williams, too, who has faced Halep on many occasions, expressed his opinion on the topic, throwing a dig at the Romanian tennis player.

Serena Williams and Simona Halep have faced each other on 12 occasions, and the score clearly leans in favor of the American, who won in 10 matches.

Fans unhappy for Serena Williams’ alleged attack to Simona Halep
However, one of the Romanian’s two victories remains one of the most important successes of her career, and at the same time one of the biggest regrets for the American legend, the 2019 Wimbledon final.On that occasion, the 31-year-old Romanian clearly defeated Serena with a double 6-2, preventing her from winning the much sought-after 24th Slam.After the resolution of her case and the four-season disqualification for doping, Serena did not miss the opportunity to launch a jab at the Romanian tennis player, publishing on X the phrase: “8 is a better number,” alluding to the potential eighth title she could have won on the London grass in the aforementioned final

Serena also liked an X post about being disappointed to find out that half of your heroes during your time in the sport were cheating.Serena Williams’ comment was not liked by users on X, who criticized the North American tennis legend, also drawing parallels between her and Novak Djokovic.Here are some user comments:








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