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Finally The Shady Side Of Jessica Simpson Revealed



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Jessica Simpson has been on the pop music scene ever since she shot to fame with debut single “I Wanna Love You Forever” way back in 1999. She would go on to become one of the biggest stars in the game, conquering the worlds of music, fashion, and the silver screen.



The Texas native really caught our attention in 2003 when she and her then husband Nick Lachey teamed up and put their marital bliss (and, eventually, the opposite of bliss) in front of the camera for the reality show “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica.” That chapter of her story did not end on the happiest of notes, and it would be one of many pieces of her life that would receive the public’s attention. From her high-profile romances to her happy life with her three children and husband Eric Johnson, the singer’s been through a lot of ups and downs over the years.



She also has stumbled into the odd shady moment. Read on for some of Jessica Simpson’s more questionable moves in the public eye.



Carrie Underwood got caught in Jessica Simpson’s crossfire

Who could forget Jessica Simpson’s infamous apparent feud with Carrie Underwood? The drama between the two was on the cover of plenty of magazines back in 2007 after they seemingly didn’t see eye to eye over Tony Romo. Underwood dated the former quarterback for a while that year — and they even attended the ACM Awards together — but things fizzled not long after that.



Simpson then went on to strike up a relationship with Romo towards the end of 2007 until 2009, and things took a turn when Underwood claimed the football star tried to get in contact with her. “The phone will ring and it’ll be him, and I’ll maybe not answer,” she told Allure in 2008.


Well, that didn’t sit too well with the person he happened to be dating at that time. “Tony and I both laughed at that. Yeah, we got a chuckle out of it,” Simpson hit back on “The Woody and Jim Show,” noting, “If Tony wanted to call her or be with her, he would.” She added, “I don’t understand why she would say that. I respect Carrie, and I would never say anything like that.”



While it seemed like there was a little shade thrown here, Simpson later denied a feud with the country star. She told The Boot in August 2008 that the drama was “media driven” and added, “I respect her and hopefully she respects me. We’ve just dated the same guy — that’s it!”



Jessica Simpson left Pamela Anderson livid over a controversial tee

Leading on from her drama with Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson raised serious eyebrows when she was spotted out in a controversial T-shirt. Per Los Angeles Times, in June 2008, she was photographed at the airport wearing a red top emblazoned with the words “real girls eat meat” across her chest. Many thought it was a dig at Underwood, who is vegetarian, while others were just plain livid.



Simpson was very publicly criticized by PETA. The organization wrote in a blog post (via the LA Times), which appears to have been taken down, “I’m gonna go on record saying that if anyone had to wear a ridiculous shirt like this, I’m glad it was Jessica — as people are more likely to follow the opposite of her lead. Maybe the meat-eaters of the world will be embarrassed to be categorized in the same field as Jessica Simpson.” Ouch.



PETA supporter Pamela Anderson was equally livid. Speaking on an Australian radio show (via TMZ), Anderson called Simpson a “b*-**h” for donning the garment. The former “Baywatch” star later claimed she was only “joking” during an interview with Billy Bush for “Access Hollywood” and said she “didn’t even know” they were specifically speaking about Simpson. She added that she didn’t apologize to Simpson, but did send “her a letter from PETA” explaining why she may want to reconsider eating meat.

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