Fisk Hall, Sparkle R Kelly is a sexual abuser

R Kelly is in the very worst of his lifetime having been tried on several counts on sexual assaults and the pop master, peehaps, is definitely regretting some of this actions.

R Kelly serving in jail

In an event in Fisk Hall, Sparkle – an artist and activist, made it known clearly that the truth he held about R Kelly can never change. Sparkle reiterated that Kelly is full of sexual abuses and predatory behaviours. He made a recall that in 2001, R Kelly sexually abused her niece and had it recorded but nothing substantial was done as the Jury found him not guilty when she testified on behalf of her niece in 2008.

Sparkle was formerly one of R kelly production team and she was the only artist and public figure who was then willing to testify against Kelly on sexual abuses and predatory behaviours towards women and minors. Sparkle had to face that back of her family when she spoke out.

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In 2019, Sparkle was also one of the women who featured in the documentary which detailed R kelly’s sexual abuses allegation and a month after the documentary was premiered, the king of RnB, as he loved to be called, was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse.

R Kelly is still facing several court cases, there have not been any concrete bail arrangement pronunced on him, he reamined in jail.

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