“Gauff but can’t golf” – Coco Gauff jokes about her golfing fail during ‘bonding time’ with cousins after US Open triumph

Coco Gauff joked about her golfing mishaps while enjoying some bonding time with her cousins, mere days after her triumph at the 2023 US Open.

Just last week, Gauff won her maiden Grand Slam title after battling back from a one-set deficit to defeat Aryna Sabalenka 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 in the title clash at Flushing Meadows. With her win, the 19-year-old became first American teenager to secure victory at the New York Major since Serena Williams accomplished the feat in 1999 at the age of 17.

On Wednesday, September 13, Coco Gauff treated herself to some well-deserved time off at a Drive Shack location, indulging in their state of the art high-tech driving range.Her cousin, Khimadi Yasmin posted a picture of their day out on social media, sharing that the outing was a chance for the cousins to spend some quality time together.
“Cousin bonding time,” Yasmin wrote on her Instagram story.
As the 19-year-old stepped up to the tee, her subpar golfing skills became evident as she kept missing the ball entirely on multiple occasions before finally making contact. The American’s cousins could be heard teasing her about her mishaps in the background.
“That’s a tennis champ right there. That’s an athlete. There it is. You have to try a little bit,” her cousin joked.
Gauff shared a clip of the incident on social media and laughed off her golfing fail.

“Gauff but can’t golf,” she posted on her Instagram story.

Following her triumph at the 2023 US Open, Coco Gauff earned $3,000,000 in prize money, which pushed her cumulative career earnings to a substantial $11,107,463.

During a live session with fans on social media, the American was asked about her intentions with her earnings from the New York Major. When someone suggested that she should consider using the prize money to clear any outstanding debts, the 19-year-old joked that she didn’t have any debts to worry about as she didn’t attend college.She also shared that she still resides with her parents and expressed gratitude that they have never placed her in a situation where she needed to take on any financial obligations.
“Somebody said pay off debts, I’m 19 I don’t have any debt, I’m not in debt, I live with my parents still, so I’m not in debt. I didn’t go to college so I don’t have any student bills to pay, I’m too young, my parents never put me in that position to be in debt, so I have nothing to pay right now,” Gauff said


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