GloRilla is one month in to her three-month celibacy plan, and while she’s been successful so far, apparently temptation keeps coming for her.

Taking to Twitter/X on Tuesday (January 30), the Memphis star jokingly called out the people she follows for sharing sex-related content on her timeline.



“Listen , I reached day 30 of my celibacy & yall on here posting all dese positions is nun but da devil [huffing emoji] Get Dee behind me satan !!!”

You can view the tweet below:


GloRilla decided to kick 2024 off with a 90-day celibacy journey, but she found herself struggling after just the first week.

“Started my 90 day celibacy lil shit for new year’s or wtv, I’m on da 9th day & my vision blurry af !!!!! Send help,” she joked earlier this month.



In other news, Big Glo’s fans are excited about her forthcoming music after the Memphis rapper shared a little preview of what she’s working on.

Taking to her Instagram Story earlier this month, GloRilla posted a snippet of a new song that finds her in the pocket of the classic Memphis sound, taking inspiration from Juicy J‘s “Yeah hoe!” tagline but instead, changing it to “Yeah Glo!”

Yeah Glo! Stomp a little pussy hoe in some shell toes/ Yeah Glo! Slapping rap bitches and making bail, hoe/ Yeah Glo! Two-tone Cartier match the nails, hoe/ Yeah Glo! No competition — these bitches stale, hoe!” she raps on the song.



When the snippet was shared on 2Cool2Blog, fans heaped high praise on her in the comments section.

“Glo go crazy,” one fan wrote, while another added: “Sound hard, Idk why ppl saying sexyy took her spot, Glo is HARD.”

A third person said: “She finally found her lane,” while even J. Cole‘s manager Ibrahim commented: “This shit sound hard.”



GloRilla has been working steadily on new music and recently revealed she has not one but two new projects on the way.

In an interview with NFL City Life last month, the “Tomorrow 2” rapper revealed that she’s been in the studio heavy.

“I’m always working on some new work,” she said to Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver George Pickens. “I’m working on a project right now. Two different projects. They gon’ be live. One of them is a collab and then the next one like my first debut album.”



GloRilla didn’t say when the projects would be released nor who the collaborative effort would be with, however.


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