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‘Harry is pitied!’ Duke of Sussex in millennial row as support implodes




George Grant, who calls himself a “millennial monarchist“, posted a critique of the Prince in a tweet that garnered more than 850 likes. Posted to his Twitter account RuleBGB, which has 4,800 followers, Mr Grant compared Prince Harry with his older brother, saying: “Harry hasn’t done anything besides moaning about how everyone’s to blame for his unhappiness. Prince William is proving himself as a path-breaking visionary in the kind of work he’s doing. William has global stature.

“William is respected. Harry is pitied! No comparison.”



A second user named RoyallyBlunt agreed, saying: “Perfectly explained. William is respected. Harry is pitied.”

This comes amid plummeting poll ratings for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with Harry dropping “into the red” for the first time – meaning more people gave the Prince a negative rating than a positive one.



The poll, conducted by JL Partners, found that by three to one, people said Harry and Meghan had not given the Queen enough support over the last year (59 percent, compared with 20 percent).

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