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‘Here’s the real Harry’ Prince’s body language displays signs of ‘joy’ with new life in LA-check.




PRINCE HARRY’S most recent appearance left some scratching their heads, but according to one body language expert, this is the “real Harry”. Prince Harry released a comedy promo video for this year’s Invictus Games. In the clip, which seems to have been recorded in his Montecito mansion which he shares with Meghan Markle and their two children, he tries to learn Dutch.



The Duke of Sussex also celebrates the games being held in the Netherlands this year, by wearing orange. spoke to Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert about Harry’s appearance and compared it to his last Invictus Games video from 2020.



“Prince Harry’s first Invictus Games video is a candid look into his true personality,” Inbaal opined. “Sincere and unedited, he talks straight to the camera, full of apologies for having to announce that the games will not take place, right as countries were starting to lock down, one after the other. “He is not trying to hide any emotion – nor would he succeed. His body language is honest and relatable.



“When he says how sorry he is, he’s looking down – and seems genuinely disappointed, “When he talks about his hopes for the next games, he’s looking up, clearly thinking about better days, and cheering himself up. “Most people look down to deal with sadness, and look upwards with happiness and Harry is no different. “He laughs at his own joke, which is so spontaneous and endearing – and nigh on impossible to fake.”



She continued: “Even though his arms aren’t in shot, just his shoulders, we can see that he’s rubbing his leg at one point, which is a self-soothing gesture, and throwing his hands in the air at another point, showing how he wishes things were different.


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At the time of life that the video was recorded, he was newly separated from his birth family, setting up home with the love of his life and a baby – life was full of promise, and we get to see him as he really is.” Inbaal then commented on the most recent Invictus Games video of Harry.



She commented: “His most recent video is pretty much the exact opposite. “Carefully scripted, we see reserved and subdued Prince, his arms crossed, protecting himself. “Instead of repeating the words recited to him by the Dutch team, which would have sounded a little Dutch, he is reading them out, which sounds very British. The sincerity and relatability of the first video are gone.



“For one brief moment, he is again, laughing at himself, throwing his head back and sliding away from the camera, and there is his joy again, here’s the real Harry. “Another notable exception to the stiff display is, that even with his crossed arms, his hands are playful.”



The expert suggested: “Here, in this newer video, we see a dad of two. Parenting involves a good amount of acting, and a certain commitment to playing along and hiding your true self. Harry has matured.“The last part of the new video, shows Harry pointing at the camera – not his own camera on his computer in the shot, but the ‘fourth wall’ camera, where we, the viewers sit.



He says ‘Let’s Go’, which is the ultimate Dad move, and the ultimate Dad slogan. If we were to add some Dad dancing, we’d have the full parent package. “This isn’t a different Harry, this is a Harry shaped by his experiences and embracing his status in life.



“When he was a young Prince, he did his best to fit in. As a soldier, he has reportedly excelled. And as a Husband and Father, he’s taken on the mannerisms, the attitude, and potentially, the wardrobe.”

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