Iga Swiatek Totally Dominates ‘Bagel’ Stats On WTA Tour Once Again

Iga Swiatek has had a very dominant year on the WTA Tour in 2023, which stats back up as she once again served the most bagels to fellow rivals.

Swiatek has been serving bagels (winning a set 6-0) since she broke out as one of the best tennis players in the world. Her first major breakout year in 2020 saw her deliver a few of them.

She would follow up on that trend in 2021 with eight bagels in total, including the famed double bagel win over Karolina Pliskova in the Italian Open final. That match lasted about 45 minutes and showed how dominant she can be at her best.

2022 was the most iconic year of her career as she won eight trophies that year and absolutely crushed her competition. She finished the year with 22 bagels, by far the most out of all the players.

This year has been equally dominant as she finished the year with 23 bagels, including one in the WTA Finals final over Jessica Pegula. We haven’t seen a player dominate this much since Serena Williams, who had 25 bagel sets in 2013.

There is a solid chance that Swiatek attack that next year because she keeps improving every year. Getting to Graff’s 35, which is the all-time record, seems impossible, but we’ll see.

As for the rest of the year, well, she had more than the second-placed Jessica Pegula and Tatjana Maria combined. They both had 9, which combined is 18 and less than the 23 of Swiatek.

Some other dominant players include Jelena Ostapenko and Coco Gauff, with 8. Nobody is close to Swiatek, who admitted earlier this year that she doesn’t do it on purpose and doesn’t like talking about it.

She just focuses on winning each point and they sort of happen. The Bagel Queen is well and alive.


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