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“it’s not weird. It’s natural.”: Kelly Clarkson Proudly Revealed How Often She Makes Love With The Man



Kelly Clarkson is not one to shy away when it comes to personal questions, so when she was asked about her nighttime routine, she got candid about her sex life with husband Brandon Blackstock.



During a round of “Ask Me Anything” on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer sat down with The Voice Season 14 winner Brynn Cartelli who asked her former coach: “What is the last thing you do before you go to bed every night?”

The question seemed innocent enough so many expected Clarkson to reveal her bedtime skincare routine or what TV shows she binges before bed. Instead, she provided everyone with a refreshingly unfiltered response.


“Well, Brynn, I was single for many years so,” she said. “I have children, and how one makes children is generally what I do before bed—that’s not a lie.”

“That’s real,” Clarkson added. “And it’s not weird. It’s natural.”

The American Idol Season 1 winner started dating Blackstock in 2012 before tying the knot the following year. The couple share two children, 5-year-old River and 3-year-old Remington.






This isn’t the first time Clarkson has gotten real about sex with her husband. In 2017, she told Redbook that she was happy to finally find “someone I was truly passionate about, who I wanted to stay in bed with all day.”

“Any time we’re in a discussion about sex with a bunch of couples, Brandon and I stay pretty quiet,” she told the magazine. “To keep it family appropriate, let’s say we’re just a lot more active than other couples.”

In fact, Clarkson said that before meeting Blackstock, she wasn’t sure she’d ever find someone she was genuinely attracted to.



“This isn’t a downer to anybody I dated before him, but I’m just going to be real: I never felt like, honesty, sexually attracted to anybody before him,” she explained. “And I’m not downing my exes. You know, everybody’s different. But there was something about him.”

She added, “I honestly thought I was asexual—I’d never been turned on like that in my whole life. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s that feeling… okay!”

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