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Jennifer Aniston Glitters in Fringed Gold Pants After Celebrating 53rd Birthday




Jennifer Aniston took to the ‘gram in honor of her 53rd birthday. Posting a video on Saturday, Feb. 12, the day after her actual birthday, the actress showed off a pair of flashy gold fringe pants while and thanked her family, friends, and fans for the birthday love,

jennifer aniston the beauty

“I’m filled with so much gratitude for all the love that poured over me on my birthday…!” Aniston wrote in the caption. “Blessed girl over here.” The Friends alum added, “I love you,” alongside a red heart emoji and a finger emoji pointing to the heart.



The festive post comes hot on the heels of Justin Theroux ‘s own birthday shoutout to his ex-wife. The actor showcased Jennifer’s wild side in a since-deleted video, which he posted to his Instagram story on Friday, Feb. 11.In the three-part slow motion clip, the Morning Show star is seen lighting a cigarette before swinging her hair back and forth, all while wearing a long-sleeve shirt that says, “I’M A COOL BLONDE.”

jennifer aniston on her sundress

Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do” plays in the background as Jennifer tosses her blonde trusses around and rocks out with her hands up high, ending in a final head dip back. Justin captioned the end of the video by responding to her shirt, “Yes you are. Love u B!” Fans have long speculated what the nickname “B” stands for, as the Leftovers actor continues to post about Jennifer with it.



The two started dating in 2011 after co-starring in the movie Wanderlust and got engaged the following year. The couple waited until 2015 to officially tie the knot, and their marriage together lasted three years, ending in 2018.

Jennifer recently opened up to Vogue about aging gracefully in Hollywood. “I’m at the age where I’m more interested than ever in my health, and my life is thriving, but according to society this is when I should be going out to pasture. No, no, no,” she explained in July. “Youth is wasted on the young, I get it. But I want to keep putting information in my head that’s going to inspire me.”



In the end, her mom taught her “this is about longevity”—the privilege of growing old. “It’s just sort of been a theme in my life: to enjoy the age I am and not look at aging as a negative, but as the privilege that it is,” she said. “We all age!”

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