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Jennifer Aniston Is All Set To Stay Fit By Doing Yoga In Her Black Leggings!




Jennifer Aniston Updates: Celebrities have always maintained themselves in terms of look, fashion, and of course health. We have seen many celebrities who have started gyming, yoga, running on the streets to make themselves look fit and younger.



This is the only reason why we can see a lot of the actors or models in Hollywood who maintained themselves like no other has dared or thought. Recently we are seeing Jennifer Aniston in this group of keeping herself healthy.


Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is now 52 years old but still, we can feel her as someone who is in her early 30s. She is an actor and producer, she has always maintained herself healthier and even more fit to work like any other youth. The FRIENDS famed actress is now totally on a healthy and fit routine where she is doing yoga.



Jennifer has taken her Instagram account and posted a video of somewhat 16 seconds where she is doing a great yoga posture. In this video, we have seen her doing a yoga posture where she is leaning one-sided, one hand of her is on a solid cube and the other is trying to hold the leg in the air. She succeeded in this posture with great ease.



Jennifer Aniston Shared Yoga Video on her Instagram Post

In this video, we have seen her wearing black leggings and a purple or maybe blue top with her open hair. She is in her home doing yoga on her mat. After watching this flexibility of her many fans got astonished. Among them were celebrities too.


On her Instagram post that she uploaded on 17 December, Octavia Spencer has commented “Sooooo Cute!!!!” and Ashey Benson also kept her hands up.



The Leprechaun actress has joined Instagram on 15 October 2019 and soon she set a record of having the most-liked post on Instagram within 24 hours. That post was related to the cast of the FRIENDS reunion. With this thing only she proved that she came with a bang and will maintain this forever on her social media handle. And that’s what she did recently.



It is not that only Jennifer who’s in the video, however her dog Clydeo was also featured in the video. When she completed her posture then Clydeo was there in the video was clapping and tried to do the same but failed. Clydeo has also uploaded the same on his own Instagram where he said that it is hard to do yoga.



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