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Jennifer Lawrence and husband Cooke Maroney expecting first child?



jennifer lawrence photo leak

Is Jennifer Lawrence expecting her first child? That’s what one tabloid was claiming seven months ago. Gossip Cop checks back in on the rumor.


Jennifer Lawrence Expecting Baby Joy?
According to an edition of New Idea, Lawrence is pregnant with her first child. The tabloid’s inside sources explain that Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney, have had “babies on the brain” since their wedding. The article is accompanied by a candid full-body paparazzi shot of Lawrence at a convenience store.


According to the tabloid, onlookers who witnessed Lawrence on her outing believe that “obviously she has big news to share,” implying that Lawrence appeared to have a “baby bump.”

The tabloid goes on, assuring readers that Lawrence is over-the-moon about the news. As far as Maroney goes, insiders insist the Lawrence “knows he’ll make an amazing father.”

The tabloid considers the babymoon and blissful couple, drawing the conclusion that Lawrence must be thrilled. The insider claims that “this truly is the happiest time of her life.”

Jennifer Lawrence Is Not Pregnant
So, is Jennifer Lawrence really expecting a baby? Absolutely not. Despite the tabloid’s alleged “insider claims” and speculation about her looks, it’s clear Lawrence is not pregnant. It was also clear the many other times Gossip Cop has covered similar reports that Lawrence wasn’t pregnant.

The magazine relies on the dubious word of a supposed inside source to ground their baseless accusations. Not only is it horribly offensive to speculate so brazenly about a woman’s body, but the photo they show proves absolutely nothing. Clearly, the tabloid needs to reassess its reasoning.

And finally, it’s abundantly clearer now than it was then that Lawrence was never pregnant. Seven months have passed since the article’s publication, and not only does Lawrence have no baby, but her alleged baby bump doesn’t seem to have grown in the slightest. Lawrence was just recently spotted cutting a slim figure on a stroll in New York, despite the tabloid’s claims.

On the contrary, in the time since the article was published, Lawrence has made her return to the acting world after a long and much-deserved hiatus.

She’s filmed multiple movies in the months since, and it’s unreasonable to assume she would make this step at the same time she’s expecting a child.

The Tabloid On Celebrity Pregnancies
Besides, it’s hard to trust New Idea when it comes to reports on celebrity pregnancies. This is the same tabloid the claimed Jennifer Anniston was pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby, a claim that had no truth to it at all.

It also recently got it wrong by reporting Kate Middleton was expecting “Christmas Miracle Twins.” Finally, it also falsely reported that Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky were expecting. Clearly, fans should wait for celebrities to confirm whether or not they’re having children.

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