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Jessica Simpson is flaunting her killer thigh gap which Requires Strict Safety Warning.



Jessica Simpson is flaunting her killer thigh gap and her 100-pound skinnier figure today, but the 40-year-old actress and singer’s Tuesday Instagram update didn’t come without a strict safety warning.


Jessica, who largely promotes her own Jessica Simpson Style clothing line on social media, today took a break from flogging the self-care collections and platform shoes, with a post seeing the blonde influence for eczema cream EUCRISA.

Jessica, who has opened up about post-pregnancy flare-ups in the past, is now helping others treat the skin condition, but she isn’t updating for free.

Scroll for the photo, one that came with a pandemic-friendly matching spandex wardrobe and Jessica earmarking her love of designer brands as she wore knee-high and monogrammed Gucci socks.

The Dukes of Hazzard star, smiling and resting by a white pillar from her home’s outdoor terrace, was all gorgeous good looks in her reddish workout gear, with the mom of three opening to warn:

“Full Rx Info @eucrisa_pi. Full safety info below.”

Jessica then revealed that stress was one of her eczema’s biggest triggers.Also mentioning the pandemic, the mom of three continued: “Like many of you, I know that life with kids — juggling virtual school with work demands while also trying to find time for fun — is more stressful than ever.”

” We all want to be our best selves and making time for self-care can be hard, but it’s so important!”

Simpson, who stated she has been using steroid-free EUCRISA ointment, 2%, then shared the mother of all safety warnings. See the list after the photo.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The star, who last year told Refinery29 she’s had eczema “since I was a kid” and was grateful for her varsity cheerleading jacket as it covered her back “bumps,” wrote:

“EUCRISA may cause side effects including allergic reactions at or near the application site. These can be serious and may include hives, itching, swelling, and redness. If you have any of these symptoms, stop using EUCRISA and get medical help right away.”

Eczema Flare-Up After Baby

Jessica welcomed third baby Birdie Mae in 2019 and the pregnancy proved tough on the singer’s skin.

“I would be cradling my baby or breastfeeding, and my husband would take photos and I would be so embarrassed,” she told Refinery, Fans today had mixed thoughts regarding Jessica’s promo link to Pfizer, the brand behind one of the world’s most high-profile COVID vaccines – a fan told the star to “look up what happened in India.”

Similar medical disclaimers have been seen with reality star Khloe Kardashian and her migraine promos.

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