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THE Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco enjoyed a bit too much festive cheer this weekend as she nursed a serious “Saturday holiday hangover.”



The 34-year-old actress admitted she partied so hard on Friday night, she danced on the bar and ate an entire pizza in an IGTV post called “A Cup of Cuoco.”



Kaley enjoyed a cast and crew night out after they wrapped filming The Flight Attendant, a new HBO Max TV series, saying it was “worth the hangover.”


kaley cuoco
The actress told fans: “I am hungover! Yeah. I don’t remember the last time I was hungover.



“I just don’t get hungover anymore … don’t like the way it feels.



Me and some of the producers of ‘Flight Attendant’ took the crew out last night.



“I had envisioned, it’s a Friday night I wanted to go out, wanted it to be a cheat day.”



Kaley said she ate everything in sight during the much-anticipated cheat day, joking “Cuoco will eat it” became the catchphrase of the night.



She enjoyed an entire pie to herself and posted the evidence in a very candid Instagram post of her carbo-loading for Christmas.



“I had so much food,” she added. “I didn’t know my body could consume that amount of food. It was my night.”



A puffy-eyed Kaley concluded “I definitely partied too hard” and tried to recall a late night phone call with her husband, Karl Cook.



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Kaley Cuoco Wore $46 Worth of Drugstore Makeup for Her Wedding

Kaley said she couldn’t wait to hear his recollection of her drunk dial, telling fans she was going to go pack and take “more than a few” Advil.



She was all decked out in her hangover attire with a messy bun and clutching a large cup of steaming coffee as she chatted away on IGTV.



“This flight attendant is wrapped for the holidays!” Kaley captioned her previous post which showed her chowing down on the pie.



“I ate an entire pizza to myself, 45 desserts, cocktails, I might have danced on the bar,” she declared.



But Kaley rallied through the hangover fog to throw an epic surprise 60th birthday bash for her dad – with help from her equally glam sister.


Kaley Cuoco hosts Youtube series
She posed with her dad, Gary Carmine Cuoco, and her sister, Brianna, in a gorgeous family photo posted to Instagram on Sunday evening.



“[We] pulled off a miracle!” Kaley wrote. “And epic 70th surprise party for our dad @glzdovr and he had no idea.

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