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Kaley Cuoco can’t get enough peanut butter and she’s detailed the whole obsession. The 36-year-old sitcom star, who made mid 2010s headlines for revealing she eats the “same” little bit of peanut butter on toast every morning, opened up to NY Mag this year, listing ten things she can’t live without and making sure her trusty nut butter was on the list.



The Flight Attendant actress vows by a brand offering jars at $10 a pop, although she actually listed almond butter in this particular interview.


Kaley, whose super-fit body gets shown off on Instagram where her 8 million followers know to expect a workout, did list the $50 Rollga Foam Roller as one of her top 10s, but talk quickly turned to food as she name-dropped Justin’s $10 Honey Almond Butter.



“The first thing I eat when I wake up every morning is this on toast. Sometimes I’ll take a spoon to it, or have it with a banana, or put it in smoothies. My sister actually introduced me to the brand,” she began.



The ex to Karl Cook, newly single following her September divorce announcement, added: “She knows how much I love peanut butter — I don’t really know anyone that doesn’t like nut butters — and she told me I would love this.”




“They have all these amazing flavors. I love the one with honey, which adds a little extra sweetness to the almond butter. It is absolutely delicious,” she continued. Cuoco is, of course, also known for her early morning coffees and A Cup of Cuoco Instagram series.



kaley cuoco

Kaley, last year fronting Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks, also got talking coffee – she can’t go without her $210 Nespresso machine.”I drink Nespresso coffee with my almond-butter toast every morning. I’m a caffeine fanatic and am obsessed with this machine. It’s so, so easy to use, but it also makes fantastic coffee.




If I travel and the place I’m going doesn’t have this machine, I’ll buy one and have it sent to where I’m staying because I need to have it,” she stated.The HBO star, who will indulge in the gin also listed, let fans know she’s a fan of Garden Of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Chocolate Fudge Protein Bars.



“I’ve tried a ton of protein bars, to the point that I kind of got sick of them. Then I found these — they taste better than any others I’ve had. It’s almost like you’re eating a very filling chocolate bar.”Kaley is now fronting a wellness brand, this year kicking off her partnership with gummies company Olly, also fronted by actress Rebel Wilson.




Kaley Cuoco made Instagram melt with her cute-as-a-button Santa snap this Christmas – although her photo dates back to 1990. The 36-year-old sitcom star is fresh from a post taking fans way back to her childhood, when modeling was a gig and Santa Claus was a companion.


kaley cuoco on the big bang

The Big Bang Theory star has gained over 34,000 likes for seemingly telling off a naughty Santa as she rocked a red-and-white dress, and it was the thumbs-up from her followers as she said: “Merry Christmas.

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