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Kaley Cuoco is back in the gym — but it hasn’t been an easy transition…photos



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Now that season 2 of The Flight Attendant has officially wrapped up filming, Kaley Cuoco is back in the gym — but it hasn’t been an easy transition.



On Tuesday, Kaley’s personal trainer Ryan Sorensen shared a photo of the HBO Max star on his Instagram Stories in which she appears to be in the middle of a workout. In an interview with Shape, he revealed that Kaley recently returned to the gym after shooting The Flight Attendant for seven months and she jumped right back into moving her body. But based on Kaley’s expression in the picture posted, it might not have been the best experience.

kaley cuoco


“The look @kaleycuoco gives me before every exercise …. ?,” Ryan wrote alongside the pic from Shape’s Instagram. Shortly after being called out, she responded with a simple but straightforward neon-green Instagram Stories “Fact” sticker.



A quick glimpse of Kaley’s Instagram indicates that the snap is from last spring when she was working out with Ryan. Apart from boxing and battle roping, Kaley also did resistance band exercises and cardio. “Monday’s with @ryan_sorensen ? ??‍♀️? ?? {thanks for the painful pics @gatlin_didier},” she captioned the Instagram gallery.

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At the time, the celebrity trainer shared with Today Health that the actress is all about perfecting difficult moves. “Kaley’s favorite workouts are the ones that challenge her,” he told the outlet. “If she has a hard time doing something at first, she’ll want to do that exercise every single time until she gets it.”



Fast forward, Kaley and Ryan are still grinding every Monday to set the mood for the rest of the week. According to him, even four years in, no two days of training are ever the same. “I kind of feel her out, see how she’s doing and where she’s at,” he explained to Shape. “Some days, we have a lighter day. Some days, we get after it.”

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It also might help that Kaley has a great sense of humor as seen in her energetic Instagram clips.

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