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WATCH : Kaley Cuoco Lifts Shirt In Skintight Spandex Showing Stunning Workout Body In The Rain



Kaley Cuoco couldn’t resist giving the paparazzi a little extra flash as she kept her rock-hard body in shape this week.

The “Big Bang Theory” actress was photographed power walking in The Hamptons on Tuesday as part of her outdoor workout – while it was raining, the cameras got a clear view of 34-year-old Kaley’s insanely-scultped body.

Not rocket science when you’re in tight spandex and happy to raise your shirt.

Kaley was snapped grinning as she burned her calories. Scroll for the photos, plus why the sitcom star has plenty to smile about right now

scroll for more and a mind-blowing workout video. The above snap dates back to July when Kaley was still in L.A. and joined by 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco for a sweat session.

The “Harley Quinn” co-stars are currently in upstate NY and quarantining for 14 days, per state requirements, after which they’ll be wrapping up filming Kaley’s upcoming HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant.”

Kaley was photographed on a road and amid greenery. Her snazzy gym look showed off every muscle – and the girl behind Penny has got plenty

Photos showed Kaley in a tight black leggings with a high-waisted finish, plus a short-sleeved white t-shirt flashing hints of a sports bra.

Kaley also wore sensible sneakers, a baseball cap, plus Airpods and was seen smiling despite the dreary rain.

A cheeky moment saw the sitcom star raise her shirt to reveal a super-flat stomach – and Kaley has been talking health up the wazoo on her popular “A Cup of Cuoco” Instagram series.

Kaley’s most recent reveal came as Vitamin C one.

Since it tastes like “snot,” though, the star has been jokingly recommending mixing the morning benefit with bourbon, tequila, or wine
kaley cuoco

Kaley is fresh from delivering another episode of “A Cup of Cuoco.”

This one came from her new quarantine and shared some essentials that are getting Kaley and sister Bri through the pandemic.

Included was Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, a milk frother, and a foam roller, plus a very unusual take on how to glug down that morning Vitamin C.

“You can also take your Lypo Spheric and mix it with Bourbon! This is another essential for quarantine.

Actually you can mix it with tequila. Or even wine! So you get your vitamin C and your buzz.”

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