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Kaley Cuoco shows off impressive moves wearing a open shirt..




The actress posted the clip on her Instagram Stories as she glided across the floor wearing only a light pink button down and a pair of socks.



She danced to Bob Seger’s Old Time Rock n Roll in an effort to recreate the iconic scene where Tom Cruise did the same in 1983’s Risky Business.

Kaley cuoco wows in a pink dress


Kaley added the sticker “Productive day” to her video as her friends watched her almost slide away from the frame and laughed along with her.



The Flight Attendant actress has frequently posted glimpses inside her home that she shares with her many pets.

kaley beauty


Kaley is currently on the move as she films the second season of the Emmy nominated show and often delights fans with glimpses of life on set and the struggles of her late night shoots.



She recently showed off a particularly clever feature that she’d integrated into her lavish house, however, to make life especially easier for her dogs.


The actress filmed a clip of her pet pooch Dumpy asleep on the sofa in her living room, curled in a fluffy grey bed with his head resting on a blanket. The snug position, however, wouldn’t have been easy to reach for the Chihuahua had it not been for Kaley’s mini set of steps!



Kaley wrote on the clip: “When you wrap early the littles are so happy! [crying emoji] Well @adventurers_with_dumps unsure what’s up but still.”

kaley on bed


She had positioned them next to the sofa to allow Dumpy to climb up and down on his own. There was also another grey bed next to him, while the armchair had a brown paw-print blanket draped over it. So it’s safe to say that her living area is a haven for her pets.

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