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Kaley Cuoco Swims In Tears: ” I won’t stop crying because what just happened is unforgettable”



kaley cuoco cries

Kaley Cuoco was just nominated for her very first Golden Globe thanks to a truly outstanding performance in HBO’s The Flight Attendant, but please be advised this is far from her first claim to fame.

In the event that you’re too cool for network TV (or your parents refuse to give you their log-in, aw), Kaley starred in CBS’s long-running sitcom The Big Bang Theory and made a ton of money along the way.


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Like, she could definitely never work another day in her life and be just fine—that’s the level of rich we’re talking about.



So let’s take a deep dive into Kaley’s bank account…but not before everyone watches this wholesome video of her finding out she’s a first-time Golden Globe nomineeeee:

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