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Kaley Cuoco’s brand new Instagram reflected its popularity, it wasn’t entirely accurate_see why.




“And we’ve Never Hit ‘Follow’ So Fast” – While the headline to a report covering “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco’s brand new Instagram reflected its popularity, it wasn’t entirely accurate.



The sitcom star was listed as having a “second” Instagram this weekend. Given that Kaley has her own Instagram, plus one dedicated to the rabbit who lives inside her garage, @dumps_does_ny is technically her third.


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If you aren’t up-to-date, Kaley has set her chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy up with an IG account. Check out the nightgown-central content below.



Kaley is currently in New York Ci


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A post shared by @adventurers_with_dumps

ty. The actress, joined by 31-year-old sister Briana Cuoco is in the Big Apple to complete shooting of her upcoming HBO Max series “The Flight Attendant.


” Kaley has brought along her “foster fail” chihuahua, with the March-adopted pup delivering hilarious captions, alongside offering plenty of Kaley footage.


@dumps_does_ny, followed by 46,700, currently has 14 posts. His chicken mortadella breakfasts – chopped by Kaley – have been logged. Likewise, the spoiled pooch’s first ice-cream taste, complete with PJs from Cuoco. Kaley, queen of nightgowns, has definitely been rocking her signature wardrobe.


Over 100,000 views have been clocked to the below video of Kaley grumpily entering her kitchen area in a $26 unicorn nightie from Amazon – Kaley debuted the “awesome” sleepwear over Memorial Day weekend. For an idea of the star’s nightgown obsession, she has made headlines for deeming her Amazon nightgowns an “essential item.”

Dumpy’s early posts came as Kaley and Bri underwent a mandatory, 14-day quarantine, required by NY state after jetting out from L.A.


Kaley and Bri have now completed their quarantine which saw them upstate in The Hamptons. The sisters, now in Manhattan digs, have also been updating fans via Kaley’s popular “A Cup of Cuoco” series.

For Dumpy’s fans, though, the ultimate treat came two days ago as Kaley posed on a city bench amid greenery and holding Dumpy.

“Mom and me ??,” Dumpy appeared to write. The account’s bio also comes courtesy of Dumptruck, reading:

“I’m a tiny rescued senior whose life changed over night! My mom is @kaleycuoco, she never misses a moment to document hilarious adventures! Woof woof!

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