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Kaley Cuoco’s OOPS Moment Caught On Camera__that fashion disaster that pops out the eyes of Fans.



veryone has their good and bad times. When it comes to fashion, you make yourself known for two reasons. One is either rocking the look, or two you are utter fail, and that fashion disaster has managed to catch the audience eye.



Kaley Cuoco might have always been at a one-arm distance when it comes to fashion. But she might have had her slip-ups, and they have gone from woah to ohh! Real quick.

Having a fashion disaster is fine, but a fashion malfunction, especially of the perfect one you have been wearing, is heart-wrenching. And it is uncalled for.

No matter who you are, there are occasions when your outfits or your heels think of abandoning you and poof! You are all pink in embracement.


Well, what could be worse than Jennifer Lawrence slipping on her way to receiving the Oscars, right? Here are some Kaley Cuoco’s oops moments caught on camera.

Kaley Cuoco brought the girls out to the 2014 Golden Globes. The Big Bang Theory beauty and costar Melissa Rauch both held up their boobs for a racy photo after the show.

Fortunately for all of us, the new Mrs. Ryan Sweeting Instgrammed the cleavage-baring shot of the girls “Holding our golden globes at the golden globes :).”

Kaley’s floral Rani Zakhem dress was low-cut, giving her easy access to the ladies, and strapless, which always seems to up the risk of a wardrobe malfunction.


But, the 35-year-old newlywed’s gown held it together, because we haven’t seen any Kaley Cuoco nip slip pics so far!

Stylist Tara Swennen helped Kaley with her Golden Globes look and even posted a silly behind-the-scenes shot of herself getting the blond beauty’s dress good and fastened.

kaley cuoco

Kaley, wisely, even packed “an emergency flat” for the evening (because unlike Emma Thompson, she probably wasn’t up for being barefoot in couture).

But Kaley’s best accessory of the whole evening? Her hubby! She Instagrammed a picture of the lovebirds, writing cutely that she had the “Hottest date on the planet :)”

And from the looks of Ryan’s grin, it seems like he feels the same way about her!

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