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Kate and Prince William tease fans with adorable post days before Christmas




KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William teased royal fans ahead of a much-anticipated Christmas event. Kate and Prince William’s Twitter account shared an adorable message counting down the days to the broadcast of Together at Christmas, the carol concert presented by the Duchess of Cambridge. In a Twitter thread, Kensington Palace reminded royal fans the event will air on Christmas Eve before introducing some of the unsung heroes who were invited to attend the special service at Westminster Abbey.



The first inspiring unsung hero whose story is highlighted in this string of messages is Paul Johnston. The post read: “He’s been instrumental in building Monkstown Boxing Club, a cross-community boxing club in a low-income area, and in helping many young people.”



A second post tells the story of Claire Calder, who set up a non-profit community group during Mental Health Awareness Week.Her organisation “funnels all money raised back into the community with an aim of making it a better place”, the Kensington Palace’s tweet read.



The post continued: “The group is made up of women who actively encourage, support each other & their community.” A third hero, Linda Barclay, “knitted love hearts during the pandemic to donate to Palliative care patients admitted to Roxburgh House”. Kate and Prince William’s Twitter account added: “She also produced masks and helped pack care packages for distribution within the Tillydrone Community.”



Another story highlighted by Kate and William is the one of Sebastion Hall.The Twitter post read: “18-years-old, he raised over £40,000 during the last year by doing over 2000 random acts of kindness – helping provide inclusive IT equipment, social and vocational opportunities to young people who are isolated due to disability and/or disadvantage.”



Finally, Kensington Palace mentioned the Delf Family, saying: “Carla & Stuart have been supported by EACH during their life, and following the death, of their son, Fraser. “Fraser’s brother, Stuie, also receives support and during the pandemic raised an incredible £17,000 by running 5k every day in May 2020 in memory of his brother.”



The special concert led by Kate took place on December 8, but will be aired by ITV in an hour-long programme on Friday at 7.30pm. The special event put the spotlight on the efforts made by individuals, organisations and frontline staff during the pandemic.



Kate highlighted how communities have come together during the Covid crisis in a message penned for the programme of the event. It read: “The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us all with countless and previously unimaginable challenges. “We have lost loved ones, seen our frontline workers placed under immeasurable pressure, and we have experienced heart-wrenching isolation from those we hold most dear. “Alongside this, we have seen how communities have come together to support those most in need.



“And through our separation from others, we have been reminded just how powerful human connection is to us all. “Just how much we need one another. And how loving and feeling a sense of belonging to one another can provide comfort in tough times. The importance of simply being together.”



ITV has so far released two teaser clips ahead of the broadcast. In the first, Kate appears in an adorable Miu Miu red cardigan decorated with little roses saying she is “so excited to be hosting Together At Christmas here at Westminster Abbey.”



In the second clip, Duchess can be seen listening to a rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Ellie Goulding while her husband the Duke of Cambridge adoringly looks at her. The pair then exchange an adorable smile before going back to focus their attention on the concert.

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