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Kate Beckinsale caused quite a stir with her fans, and in her home,See details



Kate Beckinsale fans don’t know what to think of the star’s latest video posted to Instagram. The actress tends to share the wild activities she does in her stunning home, like filling her kitchen with soap bubbles.She also has previously shared pictures of herself playing dress up, most recently dazzling fans with her never-ending legs wearing a pink baby doll dress for Valentine’s day.



However it is her latest costume that has really caused a stir, and it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before.The video featured Kate wearing a hyper-realistic mask of a white Poodle, jokingly tormenting her cat, Clive. The cat was as displeased as fans were confused by the video.


kate bekinsale attire

In it, Kate is wearing yellow plaid pants, a black bandeau top, and of course, the crazy mask. She approaches Clive walking on all fours, as he sits on the ledge of a white lounge chair.The cat clearly doesn’t know what to think of his mom dressed as cats’ stereotypical enemy, and as Kate nears her face to Clive’s, he springs into action to slap the nozzle of the Poodle mask.



The Serendipity star immediately relented, but as she tried one more time to make amends with Clive, he swiftly swatted her away. “So… we’re not getting a Poodle,” wrote the actress in her caption.Though fans were bewildered by the video, they admitted it was hilarious, and commented things like: “What is going on,” as well as, “Kate doesn’t know how to be boring,” and “You’re gorgeous and hilarious.


kate beckinsale

” Another fan even suggested that poor Clive might need therapy after facing Kate cosplaying a dog.Fortunately for the cat, Kate’s next big screen appearance won’t involve any Poodle masks. She appears in Charlie Day’s upcoming comedy, El Tonto.



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