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Kate Beckinsale is many things. Actor, model, sexy cinematic Underworld vampire.



kate beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale is many things. Actor, model, sexy cinematic Underworld vampire, and of course, cat owner. She is also quite adept at social media, with her Instagram account currently having over five million followers. Anyone browsing Beckinsale’s feed will get plenty of the sultry looks that she seems to effortlessly pull off and we love, as well as some very intense-looking workouts that explain how those looks get pulled off. They also get a goofy side of the actor that you might not expect in you have only seen her fiercely battling Lycans. Check this one out:



In this particular posted image, we see Kate Beckinsale in a nine-second video, casually leaning against what is presumably her bathroom counter. Like many of us lounging around the house, she is wearing pajamas and probably could not be bothered to get all dressed up just for Instagram this time. Of course, Beckinsale being Beckinsale, these are no ordinary pajamas, or at least not the way she’s wearing them.


The star of ​​The Last Days of Disco is wearing a set of loose pajamas in a deep purple and white tartan plaid pattern, with the top being completely unbuttoned and hanging open. She is wearing a black top underneath, her incredibly flat stomach totally bare. Beckinsale is also wearing her (currently) long blonde hair loose, with her tresses cascading from a center part across her shoulders and neck. And she’s petting a very lovely fluffy cat next to her on the counter.




That cat actually shows up quite a lot in Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram feed. His name is Clive, he appears to be a light gray Himalayan breed, and it sure seems like Beckinsale likes dressing him up. In the video above, he is wearing a light blue and white striped Breton-style shirt (because he is not to be outdone by Beckinsale, it seems). In this picture, the star of Serendipity has dressed him up in a theoretically very risque and gratuitously cleavage-revealing outfit, and makes some claims about his cup size. He does not seem to be enjoying this particular situation that we are presuming he was coerced into, but on the other hand, Himalayan cats kind of have that expression all the time.




Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram account is a lot of fun, whether it is a snippet of a text exchange with some very troubling implications for someone’s body parts or her petting a giraffe while wearing a long leopard-print coat. Of course, Beckinsale is also a working actor, so we would be remiss not to point out that she recently starred in a drama series for Paramount+ called Guilty Party, and she had an action thriller called Jolt for Amazon Prime Video.


Once Beckinsale gets a Netflix project and something on Disney+, she will have made the full round of streaming platforms. She will be starring in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Charlie Day’s directorial debut, which was formerly called El Tonto and is apparently being re-titled and doing re-shoots with comic actor/doctor Ken Jeong. Until that gets released, we will just have to be satisfied with her Instagram feed, which sounds just fine.

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