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Kate Beckinsale looks golden in designer Thea Miller’s rings.See photos…




THIS ISN’T THE first time we have seen or written about Kate Beckinsale in Dru. Jewelry. We featured her wearing the brand, designed by Thea Miller, in our Earring Gallery here. You will also find other shots of her on Dru. Jewelry’s IG.



Kate’s a chameleon in that she can walk the red carpet in dressy diamond linear and hoop earrings with sleek glam column gowns or pose at home in a bubble gum pink suit. Kate also isn’t one to wear only renowned brands when it comes to jewelry—she has worn a wide range of legendary houses’ jewelry to small designer brands. Dru.


kate beckinsale

is one of those brands. She owns some and borrows some as most actresses do, and here she is wearing three of Thea’s most iconic rings. All in yellow gold, the rings Kate reveals with her hands on her hips are Thea’s Cigar Band, Boyfriend Signet and St. Benedict Signet. They are all bold yet completely comfortable on the finger. I know because I have tried all three styles on. And they all look chic together or equally fabulous on their own.



Bold yellow gold rings, particularly signets and wide cigar bands, have been trending for women who have created multiple stacks over the years and/or desire a ring or a few statement rings that they can put on without having to think too much. These styles of rings also work well next to or on the same hand as a stack of thin bands that are more detailed or gemstone intense. Dru.’s rings are strong statements of style and range from those with a daring audacious vibe to styles with tongue-in-cheek or empowering messages.


kate beckinsale

But they also can be rocked the way in which Kate Beckinsale is wearing them—playfully sophisticated and with attitude to burn.

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