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kate Middleton Friends have revealed she ‘doesn’t want to go parties’ and ‘isn’t an extrovert’ see her reasons




The Duchess of Cambridge would never have sought a public role had she not fallen in love with Prince William, friends reveal today.Kate Middleton, who will celebrate turning the milestone age of 40 on Sunday, grew on the world stage in 2021 taking on solo projects such as Hold Still and the Westminster Abbey Christmas Carol service.



And speaking to mark her birthday tomorrow, one confidante described the future king as ‘absolutely the love of Catherine’s life’, explaining: ‘There is no way Catherine would be doing anything in public life if she hadn’t fallen in love with William. She is very open about that.



‘Public life is full of extroverts, people who seek the limelight and enjoy it. And she isn’t one of them.
‘She doesn’t want to go parties and would prefer to live the quiet life at home with her family.‘But she did fall in love with a prince and they have developed into a really good team.’William and their children are the centre of her world and nothing works without her family.




‘They have worked hard together as a couple to create a balance [between their public and private lives] and whatever comes next, they are doing it from a place of stability.’Another source added of their relationship: ‘They met at the beginning of university. They were still young and have grown up together. And they still get on really well, they have similar interests and they enjoy doing the same things.



‘Catherine and William are most in their element when they are out in their wellies in the sticks, muddy and scruffy with the kids.’They love that side of their life together. They have the same brilliant sense of humour, they tease each other, they have fun together still and there is huge comfort and security in the longevity of their relationship for both of them.



‘Behind closed doors family life is pretty simple, really.’For William, having a really solid family life is so important and he loves Catherine for giving him that.’Kate is entering her fifth decade with a small, low-key and ‘typically unfussy’ family celebration this weekend.



Sad Kate Middleton Has Royal Fans

Kensington Palace will issue new pictures to mark the occasion too, while senior royals are expected to wish her ‘many happy returns’ on social media.But there will be no big parties or grand-scale gestures, insiders emphasise.




Speaking to the Mail, one friend emphasised this week that while the duchess is not one who naturally pushes herself forward, she has ‘come to terms with her position’ over the last ten years.
She is said to be looking forward to making a difference with projects such as her Early Years initiative and mental health campaigns.



Kate Middleton smiles

‘Catherine would be the first to admit that they do, as a family, live a life of privilege, but I would say there are also sacrifices and challenges that come from leading such a public existence, particularly when it comes to her children,’ another source said.




‘Having found a space where she feels she can really make a difference makes everything worthwhile, and she is absolutely dedicated to supporting the Queen and her husband.‘She was the brains behind her new Centre for Early Childhood and is more happy to push herself out of her comfort zone now.



Kate Middleton and Prince Williams in their lovely home

‘Funnily enough, if she hadn’t have married William I think she would have started some kind of business as she comes from an entrepreneurial background and is very creative herself. She’s now bringing that to her work.‘She has been in the public eye for 18 years now and has had a public role for a decade. She never wants to disappoint and has the confidence now to deliver.

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