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Kate Middleton rejected historic invitation from Queen that broke tradition




Kate Middleton and Prince William had been together for five years when the Queen decided to break from tradition and invite her to a very special Christmas event – but Kate refused the invitation. It used to be tradition that only married partners of royals could join in with the annual Christmas festivities at Sandringham.



But in 2017, Meghan Markle was allowed to join the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and of course Prince Harry for the festive season at the Norfolk estate.



People were quick to ask why the same offer hadn’t been extended to Kate, who didn’t join them for the celebrations until the Christmas after her wedding – and she was officially royal.



But according to a book, the Queen did actually invite Kate to a festive event prior to her engagement to Prince William, but she turned it down.



In his biography Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey claims the monarch broke from tradition and extended her first invitation to an unregistered partner for the family’s traditional Christmas lunch in 2006. But Kate, who was 24 at the time, is reported to have declined the historic request.



In his book, he writes that Kate “would go to Sandringham on Christmas Day only when she was engaged”. He explains: “By 2006, the couple had been dating seriously for the best part of five years. Yet when William invited Kate to join him that year at Sandringham for the Royal Family’s traditional Christmas lunch, she refused.



“It was the first time the Queen had extended such an invitation to an unregistered ‘girlfriend’, but Kate had her own take on that break with tradition: she would go to Sandringham on Christmas Day only when she was engaged and had a ring to prove it.”



Now after being a royal for more than 10 years, Kate is expected to join the Queen at Sandringham for Christmas this year along with Prince William and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.



According to one royal expert, the family will enjoy a triple treat as they will be mixing the formalities of the traditional royal gathering with two cosy family celebrations.



Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe told OK! that the family will be celebrating Christmas on their own, together with the more formal event at Sandringham with William’s family and spending time with Kate’s family.



He said: “I think we’re looking at three Christmases rolled into one for William and Kate and their children. “There will be Christmas on their own with their kids, the more formal celebrations at Sandringham with William’s family and then time with Kate’s family, the Middletons.



“But something we know for sure about William and Kate is that they want their children to feel normal and so they certainly won’t be lavishing them with expensive gifts, that’s for certain. They won’t let them be spoiled.”

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