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Kate Middleton’s net worth: How much is the Duchess of Cambridge actually worth? -check



Kate Middleton

When Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2011, it’s fair to say a lot of people dreamed of being in her position. And rightly so her royal status means that her net worth is now at least £5 million, according to global wealth-tracking firm Wealth-X, though some estimates put the figure as high as a whopping £7.3 million.

But even when you take Prince William out of the equation, Kate has an impressive amount of wealth all on her own. Her fortune is largely thanks to her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, whose party-planning business – Party Pieces – is estimated to be worth around £30 million. On top of this, Kate’s great-great-grandfather reportedly set up a seven-figure trust for his family.

Kate enjoyed the high life long before meeting William – the Chelsea apartment she lived in with sister Pippa before moving into Kensington Palace with him was originally bought for £780,000, but was listed for sale in 2018 for a casual £1.95 million. Not a bad little profit.
Prince William also has a vast amount of money of his own.

This mostly comes from from the inheritance he received when his mother, Princess Diana, died. She left William and his brother Prince Harry £12,966,022, of which there was £8,502,330 remaining after death duties. By the time the two princes were old enough to receive the money, it amounted to over £20 million, thanks to investments by royal advisors.

Of course, since becoming a royal herself, Kate Middleton enjoys even more wealth – according to Time, the royal family is estimated to be worth around £63 billion. We can’t even get our heads around that staggering figure – but it’s safe to say Kate is pretty comfortable where cash flow is concerned.

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