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Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement gets ‘leaked’ as 12 weeks pregnancy has been revealed.



This week Kate and William mark 10 years of marriage, and messages of goodwill are expected to be lavished on the couple, who will one day lead the monarchy.


Since their wedding in 2011, the pair have welcomed Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to the Cambridge fold, the latter marking his third birthday last week.

But when the couple were in the early days of their pregnancy with George, the royal establishment was rocked as they had to quickly thrash out a baby announcement weeks before they intended.

Kate suffered with hyperemesis gravidarum, an incredibly rare type of morning sickness, which saw the Duchess of Cambridge spend a few nights in hospital.


Panic ensued when she was set to have a period of hospitalisation, as officials were concerned the public may make their own assumptions as to why she was there.

This led Buckingham Palace and St James’ Palace to work on a statement to confirm the royal was pregnant, despite her not passing the usual three-month threshold when expectant mothers announce they are expecting.

Speaking on the 2017 Amazon Prime documentary Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor, commentator Ashley Pearson detailed how the news was subsequently “leaked” to ensure no other speculation was reported.

Ms Pearson said: “Kate was forced to announce prior to being 12 weeks pregnant, that she was in fact expecting because she was hospitalised for very, very severe morning sickness.

“William and Kate had talked at length about how they wanted to make this announcement to the world, and it certainly wasn’t going to be this way, and at that stage in the pregnancy.


“Most celebrities, particularly royals, wait until that first trimester is finished before they make any happy announcements.

“But because Kate was taken very suddenly to the hospital, because of her severe morning sickness condition, the Palace was forced to issue a statement as to why she was there – and the news of the pregnancy was leaked.”

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