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Kate Middleton’s ‘special bond’ with The Queen is ‘stronger than ever’ after health scare




Kate and the Queen have developed a particularly close bond over the years. Kate Middleton has been showing the Queen a special level of care and consideration after she was hospitalised this week. The Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly very concerned about the monarch’s health and has made special efforts to make her feel looked after during her time recovering.



This included a number of gestures from her and her children which they put together before going on holiday. “Kate sent the queen a huge bouquet of flowers from her family,” an insider told Us Weekly.


The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William's habit with royal children
“George, Charlotte and Louis made ‘get well soon’ cards.” The insider also said Kate and the Queen have been “talking more than ever since [the] health scare.”



The source also added that Kate “has a special bond with the Queen” and had spoken to her often in “one-on-one phone conversations.”



The Queen has now returned to Windsor Castle and is performing “light duties”. The insider said: “The Queen says she’s fine and doing well, but she’s said that before, so naturally [the family is] concerned.



“They’d been urging her to take it easy for months.” Another royal source has made clear William and Kate’s commitment to helping the Queen with her duties, saying they are “keen” to do so.



They added: “If there is any way they can support Her Majesty on her engagements, they will. “They are both keen to provide any support they can.”



They will take up the slack as the Queen cancelled her attendance to COP26 with Buckingham Palace releasing a statement: “Following advice to rest, The Queen has been undertaking light duties at Windsor Castle.



“Her Majesty has regretfully decided that she will no longer travel to Glasgow to attend the evening reception of COP26 on Monday, November 1.”

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