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Katheryn Winnick Appeared Always Stun Fans With Her Look As She Posted Her New Look With No Makeup.



From the outside looking in, it certainly seems like celebrities lead extremely glamorous lives. After all, stars tend to look amazing whenever they attend a star-studded event, appear onscreen, or take part in photoshoots.


Of course, the truth of the matter is that most celebrities have a whole team of people working to make them look so good, despite their fantastic genetics.

For the most part, every time a celebrity appears in public they have undergone an in-depth process that is designed to make sure that they look their absolute best.

Amazingly enough, most celebrities even make sure that they’ve had their makeup and hair-team work on them before they take supposedly candid photos for their social media accounts. In fact, it is so rare to see someone like Jennifer Lopez go makeup-free, that when they are caught on camera in that state it becomes news.

Given that so many celebrities are so careful to never be seen in their natural state, it always is interesting when a star posts a makeup-free photo of themselves. For example, Vikings star Katheryn Winnick has posted seemingly makeup-free images of herself on Instagram in the past.

Lengthy Career

Throughout Hollywood history, there are endless examples of celebrities that became overnight successes. When it comes to Katheryn Winnick, however, that certainly isn’t the case.


In fact, Katheryn Winnick has led such an interesting life that there are lots of things about her past that many of her fans are completely unaware of.

Seen on the little screen for the first time in 1999, over the years Winnick made appearances in a long list of shows including Oz, CSI: NY, House, and Nikita among others. More importantly, she played a character named Hannah Burley in 11 episodes of the popular crime comedy-drama Bones.

On top of Katheryn Winnick’s lengthy television career, her resume includes appearances in several notable films. For example, she made her mark on movies like Hellraiser: Hellworld, Cold Souls, Love & Other Drugs, Polar, The Art of the Steal, Wu Assassins, Stand Up Guys, and The Dark Tower.


Main Claim To Fame

Despite everything that Katheryn Winnick has accomplished during her lengthy career, there is no doubt that she is best known for playing Lagertha from the TV show Vikings.

One of the few actors who was a major part of that show from the beginning to the end, Katheryn Winnick appeared in more Vikings episodes than any other actor. For that reason, Vikings fans may be especially interested to learn what Katheryn Winnick has to say about the show.

The first wife of the show’s original main character, Ragnar Lothbrok, if anyone thought that Lagertha was going to take a backseat to her ex-husband they had another thing coming.

A fierce warrior in any situation, Lagertha became especially fearsome whenever she was called upon to defend the throne or her family.


Due to the fame that she earned during her time starring in Vikings, Katheryn Winnick has accumulated an impressive 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

As is the case with most of her peers, the vast majority of the photos that Winnick shares with her followers feature her sporting makeup and looking absolutely incredible.

Unlike some of her fellow actors, Katheryn Winnick has enough confidence to post images of herself in which she appears to be wearing little or no makeup.

For example, she once posted an image of the time she directed an episode of Vikings. In the photo, she appears to have no makeup on as she looks transfixed by a monitor.

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